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Che Kung Temple at Ho Chung

Sai Kung, Hong Kong - 0.67 Km
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Che Kung was a military commander of the Southern Song dynasty (1127–1279) whose advantageous power for suppressing uprisings and plagues made him a household name. In popular folklore, it’s said that Che Kung escorted the Song dynasty’s last emperor on his escape to Sai Kung in what is now called the New Territories. His achievements led to him eventually becoming revered as a god. This temple which honours Che Kung is located at Ho Chung in Sai Kung, and was built by the local community to serve the half-dozen villages in the Ho Chung valley. With feng shui woods located behind it, a river immediately in front, and well-preserved traditional design and architecture within it, it’s become one of the most auspicious traditional buildings in the New Territories. The narrow roadway in front of the temple (which trails the river bank) was once the main route from Sai Kung market to Kowloon. It passed through the valley and then steeply up the hillside to Pik Uk and over to Kowloon City.

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