Saarbrücken : Ludwigsplatz is a fantastic baroque square... - Secret World

Saarbrücken, Germania

by Michelle Harding


Saarbrücken is the capital of the German state Saarland and is more than 1,000 years old. Ludwigsplatz and Ludwigskirch are the masterpieces of this city.Ludwigplatz is a huge square bounded on the sides by white Baroque buildings , all of the same style as the Palace (Therefore, not surprisingly they too were built by Stengel), with the massive Ludwigskirche in the center. The buildings are now mostly regular residences or government offices, but were once exclusively for the uStadtkirche, Postamt, and the Rathaus in backgroundpper classes. The exterior of the Ludwigskirche is upscale enough, with its array of Old and New Testament figurines around the roof, but the interior is incredible -- all done in pure white, from the pews to the altar, to the organ (except for the bright and shiny silver pipes).