The Koregad Fort, known for its solitude... - Secret World

Ambavane, Maharashtra 412213, India

by Michelle Harding


The Koregad Fort, known for its solitude, was constructed on an isolated hill in the Ambavane village, around 24 km away from Lonavala. Archaeological evidence suggests that this fort was built in 1657, by Shivaji Maharaj. This landmark is situated at a height of about 3049 feet above sea level. Within this fort, there are few fresh water ponds and small caves, which depict the life of the royals in the ancient era. The fort has two entrance gateways, with the first comprising 100 odd steps, which reach the Ganesh Temple and other small caves on the way to the top of the hill. The other way is the shortest way to climb the fort through dense jungles, bamboo trees and short steps carved on large rocks.