The Church of St Lawrence Lohja... - Secret World

Kyrkogatan 1, 08100 Lojo, Finlandia

by Serena Taddei


The Church of St Lawrence Lohja is one of the most remarkable medieval churches in Finland. The church is centrally located and surrounded by beautiful old cemetery. The area has a number of monuments e. G to commemorate the Ingrian, one cherishing the Memory of the Dead of the War in this cemetary and one for those remained in Karelia and also a monument to the forgotten citizens of Lohja. Behind the churchyard wall is also memorial for the war veterans. Inside the walls are decorated with murals, painted al secco, following a definite sequence of the ecclesiastic year with the events of the Old and New Testament intertwined. Beautiful details are also brass chandeliers, candelabra and the crucifix. The belfry in churchyard is partly wooden.