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29200 Antequera, Provincia di Málaga, Spagna

by Karen Saldana


Twenty-eight miles north of Malaga, Antequera has an astonishingly rich Heritage. Today it is an attractive and lively provincial town with plenty of cafés and shops. Its historic centre is made up of more than 50 monuments and buildings dating as far back as the Bronze Age, such as the Menga Cave, Viera and Romeral dolmens. The castle and Santa María Basilica can be found at the top of the town. In the historic centre there are a series of churches, collegiate churches, monasteries and convents, palaces, arches, gates, shrines, stately houses and a citadel. Most outstanding are Nájera Palace (18th century), currently the municipal museum, the Catalinas Convent and the palace of the Marquises of La Peña, in Mudejar and Renaissance style. It is well worth a trip to the El Torcal Nature Area nearby. Don't miss the Easter week celebrations, rich in tradition, with ancient historical roots.