Situated in Dumfries, Scotland, the Garden Of Cosmic Spe... - Secret World

2 Lower Portrack Cottages, Holywood, Dumfries DG2 0RW, Regno Unito

by Teresa Lotti


Situated in Dumfries, Scotland, the Garden Of Cosmic Speculation‘s true beauty and understanding hides beneath scientific patterns and puzzles. This unconventional garden, inspired by cosmology, was designed by landscape architect and theorist Charles Jencks. He wanted to explore the laws of nature in his work. The space includes the DNA Garden Of Senses, filled with helix sculptures. It also contains the Universe Cascade, which is a complex design featuring water running through numerous structures and the Six Senses greenhouse. Endless hidden messages in all the gardens aim to stimulate the visitors’ contemplation and intellect. Furthermore, this private spectacle only opens to the public for a few hours per year, adding to its mystical aura. It opens with the sole purpose of raising money for the charity ‘Maggie’s Centres’, named after Jencks’s late wife, who died of cancer.