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Pentewan, Saint Austell PL26 6EN, Regno Unito

by Teresa Lotti


Many magical childhood fables actually stemmed from The Lost Gardens Of Heligan, situated in Cornwall, England. Having been neglected during World War I, it was only in 1992, approximately 400 years after the gardens’ inception, that dedicated workers diligently restored the gardens to their former glory. Once spanning one thousand acres, visitors can still explore 200 acres of these ‘lost gardens’. It is easy for people to not only become lost geographically but also become lost in their imaginations, inspired by the magical gardens. From the exotic jungle, which encompasses bamboo tunnels and a boardwalk suspended above banana plantations, to wildlife making its home within the natural beauty, these gardens have it all. The most famous element is the group of stone structures. This includes the Giant’s Head, the Mud Maid, and the Grey Lady. These sculptures, emerging from the woodland floor and shrouded by leaves, look as though they are waiting to be rediscovered by the numerous you