Villa Melzi d'Eril Constructed to a neo-classical design... - Secret World

Via Lungolario Manzoni, 22021 Bellagio CO, Italia

by Tiziana Maione


Villa Melzi d'Eril Constructed to a neo-classical design between 1808-1810,its proportions were designed to blend elegantly into the area of the second promontory of Bellagio.The great appeal of this property lies in its extraordinary park facing on to the lake and in the ploys that create an illusion of space,although in reality it is confined between the foot of the hill,which is also a monumental park, and the water. The visitor is greeted by a small lake of water lilies, just beyond a kiosk in Moorish style with a delightful view of Bellagio and in front of the monument of Dante and Beatrice by Comolli, which seems to have inspired Liszt's ''Dante sonata''.Along the lake and beside a splendid Pinus Montezuma there is an ancient Egyptian statue to the goddess Pacht, together with other spoils of Napoleon's Egyptian campaign.The walk along the avenue of low-cut umbrella-shaped plane trees ends at the huge terrace with a scenic view of the lake.