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Piazza Agostino Pennisi, 29, 95024 Acireale CT, Italia

by Tiziana Maione


The garden of Casa Pennisi is one of the few Italian gardens that have resisted to property speculation assaults: the garden has maintained its original structure and dimension even though it is based in the heart of Acireale, where it was planted at the end of the XIX Century as frame to the prestigious Grand Hotel des Bain. The Grand Hotel was built by the Florentine architect Mariano Falcini to host the clients of the contemporary Terme di Santa Venera in an harmonious environment, and counted among its hosts the Italian Royal family and Wagner.The garden was as well designed by Mariano Falcini, who characterised it with a classical structure, with paths delimitated by high box hedges and impressive flower-beds. Tropical plants, that can still be admired, were also inserted together with Mediterranean essences creating an incredibly fascinating and attractive ensamble. As a result, nowadays ancient palms (Washingtonia, Chamaerops, Poenix), colossal Yuccas, Sterlizias, Guaiabos,.....