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Localita' Cuzzano, 3, 37023 Grezzana VR, Italia

Serena Eve
by Serena Eve


Located on the steep slopes of a hill and limited to the north by lush vegetation and ancient olive-trees which frame it and protect it from the , majestic villa Allegri was bought in 1824 by Giovanni Antonio Arvedi of Verona, whose descendants still own it. As of the second half of the sixteenth century, it was decorated and frescoed by artists of the calibre of Veronese. In the following century, architect and sculptor .B.Bianchi joined the various existing structures into a single complex. The villa, standing on a turfed terrace, looks out onto a parterre - the only one of its kind in Italy - characterised by elegant double-fan-shaped drawings in century-old box hedges. The parterre conveys an extraordinary sense of space, thus harmoniously blending in with the surrounding landscape. Truly majestic is the avenue leading from the entrance to the estate to the villa, consisting of box-trees in carefully clipped geometrical shapes. An elegant baroque chapel, the chapel of Saint Carlo Borromeo, was put up at the end of the seventeenth century at the back of the villa: it is from the chapel, through the main salon of the villa and through the main door, that the parterre and the hills opposite it can be viewed in a truly enchanting perspective.