The Villa Monastero and its spectacular botanical Garden... - Secret World

Viale Giovanni Polvani, 4, 23829 Varenna LC, Italia

Serena Eve
by Serena Eve


The Villa Monastero is surrounded by a spectacular and fascinating botanical Garden which extends for two kilometres from Varenna to Fiumelatte; it is visited yearly by about 80.000 people and offers recreation and learning opportunities thanks to the presence of many botanical species, both indigenous and exotic, that now amount to more than 900 and making it possible to achieve regional recognition of the Botanical Gardens. The Garden, being set up in terraces, has been structured in different patterns over the years yet maintaining a main recurring theme. The mild climate, peculiar to the lake, allows numerous botanic species from all over the world to grow. More species are added every year. In 2013, over 1.000 new species were planted. At every time of the year visitors can enjoy a true explosion of colours, shapes and perfumes.