‘‘The Secret Garden Salisbury is a unique one acre churc... - Secret World

7RX,, Mill Rd, Salisbury SP2 7RX, Regno Unito

by Freyan Castillo


‘‘The Secret Garden Salisbury is a unique one acre church yard and community garden project, it is gently rambling and has an appealing quiet charm that has the ability to help you unwind and leave you feeling like you have pressed the reset button. You won’t find a traditional garden, garden gimmicks or neat edges, but you will be captivated by the space and it’s ability to make you feel both relaxed and energised with its unassuming wildness full of birds, bees and butterflies. I want to make sure that the living things in the space are never upstaged by the many distractions we often see in public gardens, so instead we pair everything back, keeping it simple and natural, so that you can look closer at and maybe even feel inspired to do more to protect the natural world.