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Rue Yves St Laurent By A-Maps? Marrakech 40000, Marocco

by Freyan Castillo


Owned by Yves St Laurent and Piere Bergé from 1980 until Yves St Laurent’s death in 2008, the garden was loved so much by the fashion designer it was chosen as the place to scatter his ashes. However, if you’re expecting something sombre, think again. The Jardin Majorelle is a celebration of colour and cheer. Created over a period of forty years by French painter Jacques Majorelle, it’s packed with an abundance of tropical plants and flowers, as well as flashes of uplifting colour splashed on buildings, pots and pergolas. In fact, the colour is so striking it has its own name ‘Majorelle Blue’.Covering almost two and a half acres you’ll find everything from coconut palms, bamboo and banana trees to jasmine, bougainvilleas and agaves. Come early to avoid the crowds and enjoy listening to the babble of the streams and birdsong as blue tits, robins and turtledoves dance overhead. The garden also houses a popular Berber Art Museum