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Piazza Grande, 06024 Gubbio PG, Italia

by Ria Queen


Consuls Palace was built between 1332 and 1349 according to a design by Angelo from Orvieto with the contribution of Matteo di Giovannello called the Gattapone. This rectangular shaped building has a high Gothic momentum accentuated with vertical pilasters dividing the front in three distinct parts. Its halls have been hosting since 1909 the Civic Museum collections. The Museum collection has been set up on different floors and illustrates the local history and culture, from the prehistory to the 20th century. Absolutely important are the “Tavole iguvine”, seven bronze slabs recording the main text written in the Umbrian language and the longest description of religious rites ever given by the Western World. The Tables represent the heart of one of the Umbrian richest archaeological collections with finds dating back to the Umbrian and Roman age. The so-called Hall of Loggetta hosts the ceramics section, ranging from the archaic majolica (14th century) to 19th century artefacts. On the upper floor there is, on the other hand, the Municipal Picture Gallery that illustrates the local artistic culture from Middle Ages to Baroque.