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Piazza Grande, 06024 Gubbio PG, Italia

by luisa Benitez


Piazza Grande in Gubbio, among the most fascinating medieval urban projects, was built starting from 1321: it was executed in the city’s centre of gravity, through imposing renovation works of the structures supporting the hanging space and the same buildings, which appear slightly oversized compared to the historic centre. The bulk of Consoli Palace, the only completed building, raises by overlooking the city from any point of view and by relating with the “Platea Communis" housing the Cathedral. The space is highly scenic and is oriented towards the countryside thanks to the panoramic terrace. The end of communal autonomies with the arrival of the Gabrielli Dominion (1350), also marks the works interruption: the Pretorio Palace will remain incomplete whereas the square’s buildings were completed just in 1482.