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Piazza del Comune, 1, 06081 Assisi PG, Italia

by Renee Carlington


The Palazzo del Capitano is found in Assisi's main square, Piazza del Comune. It stands to the left of the Temple of Minerva, and was built in the mid-thirteenth century. In 1282, it was restored and given Guelph battlements in 1927, together with the nearby Torre del Popolo (Municipal Tower), completed in 1305, at the base of which are profiles of measurements which were used for measuring bricks and tiles in use in 1348. The tower has a square layout and is 47 metres high. In 1282, Capitano Guido de' Rossi from Florence ordered his own coat-of-arms be bricked in between two shields with the cross, the symbol of the comune. The rooms on the ground floor contain walls painted by Adalberto Migliorati, depicting medieval trades. The first floor of the building is home to the headquarters and library of the Società Internazionale di Studi Francescani (International Society of Franciscan Studies).