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80070 Sant'Angelo NA, Italia

by Sara Hoffer


Sant'Angelo is a small village within the comune of Serrara Fontana, built next to a giant rock with a small strip of beach that joins the two parts of the town. There are shops, restaurants and cafes that allow you to watch the boats in the small marina and to take in the views across the Tyrhennian sea. Close by to Sant'Angelo is Le Fumarole Beach - the beach is accessed from a path that leads from the centre of Sant'Angelo and winds its way around the hilltop houses of the town, giving fantastic panoramic views across to the nearby Maronti Beach and the island of Capri in the distance. Le Fumarole beach is famous for its "Fumaroles of Sant'Angelo", jets of steam that rise up through the sand and created by the volcanic activity underneath the island. The sand is so hot in places that locals use specially-made containers to cook food such as chicken or eggs under the sand. On the other side of Sant'Angelo and close to the taxi and bus stand, is the picturesque Cava Grado Beach. The small beach is set in a little bay and affords fantastic views across to Sant'Angelo while the closest beach to the village centre is Chiaia di Rose.