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Kiruna, Svezia

by luisa Benitez


Kiruna is a beautiful town situated in the North of Sweden. Founded in 1900, it has been an industry town for over a century due to the city’s ore mine. Everyone goes to Kiruna in the winter to experience the snow peaks, dog sledding and the famous Ice Hotel. During the summer at contrary, because you are in the Artic Circle, you can witness the midnight sun! In and around the solstice (20th June) the sun does not set!The Kiruna mine is the largest and most modern underground iron ore mine in the world and you have to get a tour to get there, you can buy it online or in the Tourist Office in the city centre.The main attraction in Kiruna, the church, is a beautiful wooden red church that belongs to the Church of Sweden (a Lutheran-Protestant Christian denomination in Sweden). The church is situated 5 minutes from the tourist office. It was inaugurated in 1912, and in 2001, Kiruna Church was voted the most popular pre-1950 building in Sweden.