St. Gilgen and one of Austria’s prettiest lakes... - Secret World

5340 Sankt Gilgen, Austria

by Michelle Burns


St. Gilgen is a tiny village that straddles one of Austria’s prettiest lakes, Wolfgangsee. It has everything that you’d expect in an Alpine town: pristine scenery, fairytale houses, and traditional cuisine.The parish church is dedicated to Saint Aegidius (Latin), in English Saint Giles, which is reflected in the name of the town, Sankt Gilgen. St. Gilgen is a well-known travel destination. Boats from St. Gilgen sail around the Wolfgangsee, providing transport and views of the surrounding mountains. The hermitage of the original St. Gilgen may be seen, behind a chapel, in the Falkenstein cliffs west of St. Wolfgang and east of Fürberg. In 2005 St. Gilgen was promoted as the "Mozart Village" by the Wolfgangsee Tourist Board. Although Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart never visited St. Gilgen (as he had intended to), his grandfather worked in the town, his mother was born in St. Gilgen, and his sister Nannerl moved there after her marriage.